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Customer Service

  1. Customer Service

    In Frisco, service is our business. Have a comment about how our employees are doing? Tell us about it! Our goal is to serve our city... More…

Development Services

  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    An online form that can be used to submit code complaints.

  2. Rental Registration Online Form

    The information you provide helps us to contact you or your representative of potential code related matters. The property owner is... More…

  1. Project Input Form

    The City of Frisco receives many zoning and development requests throughout the year. We want to hear your opinion on these proposals.... More…

Environmental Services

  1. Adopt-A-Street Activity Report

    This form, in conjunction with the volunteer signature forms, are the reporting requirement of the quarterly clean-up for your... More…

  2. Clean It & Green It Event Satisfaction Survey

    Volunteers that participated in the city-wide litter cleanup are asked to provide feedback from their experiences to help Environmental... More…

  3. Environmental Education Request Form
  1. Adopt-A-Street Schedule Cleanup and Request Supplies

    Schedule your next cleanup and request supplies

  2. Clean It & Green It Photo Upload

    Photos of Clean It & Green It volunteers during Frisco's annual city-wide cleanup

  3. Metal Recycling Pick-Up

    Frisco residents can schedule to have their metal items and appliances picked-up curbside for recycling.

Parks & Recreation

  1. Auto-Draft Membership Cancelation Form
  2. Party Information Request

    Please fill out this form to let us know your preferences on dates and times to book pool party. Please not you are not booking a party... More…

  1. Birthday Party Evaluation


  1. Alarm Permit Update

    Online form used to cancel an alarm permit, change the alarm location, change the billing information or change your emergency... More…

  2. Customer Service Survey
  3. Frisco Neighborhood Watch

    Application to become a Block Captain with Frisco Neighborhood Watch.

  4. Options and Victim Services

    Notice: This is not monitored 24/7. If you are in immediate danger please contact 911 immediately. Whether it is inside or out of... More…

  5. Police Volunteer Applicaiton
  6. Take Me Home Program
  1. Animal Services Complaint Form

    A form to use for submitting animal services concerns.

  2. Frisco Community Awareness Night Block Party Registration Form
  3. House Watch Program
  4. Police Explorer Interest Form
  5. SafeCam Initiative

    Protect yourself, your family and your community by registering with SafeCam.

  6. Traffic Complaint Form

    The Frisco Police Department’s Traffic Division is dedicated to addressing traffic-related issues around the City of Frisco. If you... More…

Public Works

  1. Community Captain Application
  2. Report Water Waste

    This form is to be used by a Frisco resident who has observed water waste. Investigators must witness water waste in progress to issue... More…

  3. WaterWise Community Captain Outreach Materials Form

    Educational materials and resources are available to help reach your neighborhood outreach goals. Use this form to request materials... More…

  4. WaterWise Workshops
  1. Drainage Complaint Form
  2. Water Exemption Request Form

    Residents may apply for a temporary water exemption in the case of new construction or severe erosion control. If approved, the request... More…

  3. WaterWise Smart Controller Program Registration

    The Smart Controller Program enables homeowners to register their smart controllers with the city. The registration program includes... More…